Friday, September 17, 2021

Since the Rotary Club’s inception in 1994, it has been supported in every way by our Partners-in Service club, The Benoni Aurora Rotary Anns Club.

The Anns Club has their own projects and they make a significant difference to the lives of many each year. In addition, they always support the activities of Rotary Club.

A very small sampling of their work includes:

  • The ladies hold an annual Tea Party and numerous Christmas Parties for the elderly of our community.
  • The Ann’s provide “Goodie Bags” for the young and the elderly.
  • They provide funding for a meal replacement product that assists ill people who require nourishment in order to take their life-prolonging medication but are unable to consume solid foods, or cannot afford food.
  • Food collections at shopping centres and distribution to orphanages, welfare, and church organisations such as Fairleads Home for the Aged.
  • The Anns support a local nursery school with donations of books, stationary and infrastructure.
  • The list above is very brief and in no way is a comprehensive list of work done by the Anns Club.