Saturday, October 23, 2021

An innovative Vocational Service programme aims to assist, uplift, promote and transform groups and individuals through a variety of programmes and projects, utilising the skills of members and of community-minded professionals.

Some of the projects include:

  • The STRIVE programme targets school pupils who are at risk of failing their exams and not fulfilling their potential. The children are given one-on-one counselling, guidance and motivation – the success rate to date has been exceptional.
  • The Best of Benoni Competition is designed to reward local businesses who excel at customer service and relationships. The competition has added benefit of giving Rotary on-going high level exposure to the wider community.
  • A new innovative programme is the Entrepreneurship Programme which aims to assist those who come from an informal educational background with basic business education and skills.
  • Annually, the Club host students from local high schools to a breakfast at which they are given a motivational talk and literature.
  • We are currently seeking partners in the publishing of a “Things to Know When I Go” document; this booklet is comprehensive in that it includes burial wishes, where to find relevant documents and so forth.