Saturday, October 23, 2021


Youth programmes have been strongly supported by The Rotary Club of Benoni Aurora. We participate in both the Long Term Youth Exchange and the Short Term youth Exchange Programmes, and are responsible for chartering and giving on-going assistance to one Ratoract Club, Interact Clubs and Rota-Kids Clubs.

  • The Rotaract Club supports many of our Rotary Club projects, but also have their own projects. The raise funds through an innovative and fun programme that includes an annual Crazy Golf competition.
  • We participate in both the long-term and short-term exchange student programmes. We have hosted, and sent students to Europe, North America, South America and Australia.
  • We are proud to have chartered a number of Interact Clubs; they have numerous projects and over-flowing enthusiasm.
  • Rota-Kids Clubs at local junior schools have ambraced a number of projects for the benefit of under-privileged children; some of their work has involved the collection and distribution of stationary and Easter eggs.