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On Wednesday evening, 27th March, Benoni Aurora Rotary Club held its annual Paul Harris Awards evening. It was well attended and the decor, ambiance, fellowship was superb!

There were 4 nominees. Namely:

Colin Du Bruin (Sapphire pin): nominated by Grace Van Zyl;
Rosie Van Olst: nominated by Cheryl Kindon;
Ann Du Bruin: nominated by Gail Wilson;

Wayne Duvenhage: nominated by Ray Booth.

All nominations are measured against the criteria as approved by the board.


Wayne’s community initiatives have been:

  • Building a Media Centre at Motheong Primary School at Atteridgeville
  • Planting of trees Thutuka Primary School in Thembisa
  • Raising funds for the Jumping Kids Project which makes prosthetics for children and enables mobility in their lives
  • Raising funds for Hope School
  • Co-founder of Driving Ambitions, a driving school with specially adapted vehicles and training requirements – dedicated for the disabled community
  • Channelling carbon offset funds toward the Basa Magogo eductation project, which reduces emissions and costs related to heating in impoverished communities.
  • Launching South Africa’s first Carbon Neutral Corporate programme in 200

Wayne has always been a service above self person and always lived his life with honesty and integrity.

Ladies and Gentleman, it is with a great deal of pride that Benoni Aurora is awarding Wayne the Paul Harris in recognition of his unwavering and unselfish commitment to serving his fellow South Africans.

Rotarian Ray Booth

COLIN DE BRUIN (Recipient of a Saphire Pin)

He was very popular amongst his peers and had many friends.  He is very believable as he always talks with such conviction.  His siblings didn’t seem to grasp this… a story that I’m told is that he said to his sister “Jump out of the tree, don’t worry we’re holding the blanket” trusting that this was true she jumped and needless to say landed on the ground with a hard thud.  Typically, he was able to blame someone for not doing what they were supposed to do.

He met his soul-mate, Anne and fell in love at the tender age of 16, they are still in love and married today.  True to his nature, the love of his love also supports his rugby team with great gusto – just proves on how convincing he is.

He started his career at Hullets Aluminium in Pietermaritzburg and later on joined the family business.  He and his wife have been blessed with 2 wonderful children and 4 grandchildren.  He is a family man and will drop everything and drive miles to assist anyone in his family if they were in need or to assist them with a project.  We as Rotarians have also experienced that this selflessness doesn’t stop with his family.

Continuing his handyman skills into adulthood, the family always asks for his advice when something needs to be repaired or purchased.

Over the years he has been involved in many things, he never talks about what he does or his achievements. I’ve come to know and respect this quality… quietly getting on with the job.  He has served as chairman for Eastern Transvaal Junior football for 18 years and true to his nature gave his all.  He has served as chairman and is currently on the board of the Fairleads Methodist Home for more than ten years.

He takes his Rotary commitment very seriously and is a past president, past assistant district governor and has headed up most committees.  His true passion lies in helping others in need, which needless to say has seen him be very involved in the Ann’s monthly food collection for many years.  Always making sure the trailer is there to transport the food, turning his garage into a grocery store while the food is packed, and making sure that the food is taken/delivered to the various charities.

For the past 2 years he has headed up our major fundraising event, Winex.  Although a ‘well oiled’ event his vision and innovation has taken this event to even greater heights raising over R400 000 over the past 2 years.  There is a tremendous amount of planning and labour that goes into the event of which he is at the forefront.  On his post every day and is the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Every February he puts out a plea for marshals for the Ride for Sight cycle race, and expects us to report for duty at an ungodly hour, and of all days a Sunday morning! When you arrive he is there (in his shorts  in sometimes freezing temperatures!) to equip you with your map, flag and bib as well as strict instructions!  After the race he personally goes to each marshal point to thank you and collect the flags and bibs.

He often gets involved in various projects to provide transport as is no different with the Spring Walk.  Whenever I need something done, collected, delivered my fist point of call is to him.  He is never too busy to help.

We also have a special message from Past District Governor, Hennie De Bruin "I am so proud of you Colin.  While you occasionally drive me crazy, I admire your drive, your way of getting things done and for always being available. I am lucky and very pleased to have you as my brother."

Rotarian Grace van Zyl

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